Balloon Art at your Brit mila or Britta


Balloons for Brit / Britta

Balloons for Brit mila / Britta


Balloons for Brit / Britta

Balloons for Brit / Britta




Balloon artist, Barak Dagan creates a balloon art studio live at your event. Perfect for  brit or britta!

Set off to the side or on the main stage, the balloon artist creates personalized balloon statues for each guest. Twisting and turning balloons into hats, statuettes, and other amazing wearable balloons.

The guests even sometimes become part of the act helping the master make his creations in a humorous manner!

Balloon artist Barak Dagan specializes in creating an unforgettable experience on your Brit mila or Britta, experience which is all balloons.

Each and every guest will enjoy Barak's personal attention and take home memories from your unforgettable event!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane...its... BalloonArt!

If you thought balloon art was all dogs and swords, you're wrong.

BalloonArt's Barak Dagan specializes in creating balloons you will not see anywhere else.

Visit our balloon photo galleries to see the fancy scenes Barak creates – motorcycles, dresses, flowers, jungles, wedding portraits and more!

Experience shows that guests of all ages come to the artist’s corner – some come to watch the process of making the balloon, and some come to get an artistic balloon for themselves.

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We suggest reserving a balloon artist at least 1 month prior to your event.


פינת אמן בלונים בברית / בבריתה

Balloon Art studio live at your Brit or Britta



Balloons at your Brit or Britta

Balloon Art studio live at your Brit or Britta



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