Balloon art at your wedding


balloons at your wedding

Wearable balloons on a wedding dancing floor


BalloonArt Adds Color and Fun to your Wedding!

Looking for something unique and special to add to your celebration, Balloon Art is it! Turn your dance floor into a colorful carnival and give your guests a special gift to take home at the end of the evening.


balloon hats fits all ages

Balloon hats on your wedding fits all ages

balloons at your wedding

Balloons at your wedding



BalloonArt's Barak Dagan is known for his professionalism, great sense of humor and ability to get the crowd excited. Barak helps you kick-off your event by entertaining your younger guests during the reception. Then, Barak works his way through dance floor creating on-site balloon hats and other wearable balloons for each guest.


Each balloon is unique to fit the personality of the guest... using all different shapes and sizes of balloons.

Of course, the guests that prefer not to dance are not left out of the fun. Barak can visit some of the tables to create fancy balloons for them!


Barak's balloon art is always met with awe! They will be astonished by Barak balloon creations – no one would believe what a few twists of a balloon can do, especially if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes!


Visit our balloon photo galleries to see the fancy scenes Barak creates


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des sculptures de ballon du marié et de la mariée

 BalloonArt Sculptures!
BalloonArt can fashion a picture-ready portrait of the bride and groom, great for wedding invitations, center-pieces and more.

click here to Visit the BalloonArt caricature page


balloons for your wedding dancing floor

Some wearable balloons that can be made at your
wedding especially for the dancing floor


balloons at your wedding

Balloon hats on your wedding


balloons at your wedding

Balloons at your wedding

wearable balloons at your wedding

Wearable balloons for a wedding

wearable balloons at your wedding

 Balloons for a wedding

  wearable balloons at your wedding

Balloons that will add colors to your wedding


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